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Spiritual Feast & Metaphysical Potluck

Saturday Brunch (on Zoom)

10:00am HST, 3:00pm CDT, 2:00pm MDT, 1:00pm PDT


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Feast with us on Saturdays, during an online spiritual brunch that is spread before us through Unity & World Religions. Join class at any time! Paul John Roach is a sage and seasoned Unity minister, who weaves the fabric of life, religion, and spiritual practice with his instant classic, Unity and World Religions. This highly readable book is an excellent reference, stacked with stories of how human beings realize, recognize and regard the One Presence and One Power in the Universe. The Infinite connects us together through the cords of ancient ideas from the world’s religions. Spiritual ideas run like golden threads throughout the theologies of our planet.

These ancient ideas that form the world’s religions are gently revealed and exposed through the fiber and texture of the five universal principles taught by Unity. Come to embody 5 universal principles, flowing forth from the common threads of many faith traditions. Reverend Roach interweaves the tapestry of Unity’s five universal principles within their original expression of more traditional faiths. You’ll touch and feel the fabric of many major and minor religions during our gathering together on Saturday’s Spiritual Brunch and Metaphysical feast.

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