Online Metaphysical Bible Study

Online Metaphysical Bible Study 

EVERY Saturday, 12:30—2:00pm

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Saturdays in the Zoomiverse at 12:30—2:00pm HST 

Explore and examine the Bible through approachable, inclusive, and no longer mysterious metaphysics. The Holy Bible was never meant to be a dead, lifeless rule book, so we’ll use a variety of translations to enliven the scriptures. The Ancient Christian tradition held the loftiest approach to scripture as allegorical or spiritual, so we’ll experience it as the Living Word! With an open heart and an open mind experience the lessons and stories from the Bible that apply to all of us, right here, and right now. Through the lenses of Unity Metaphysicians, and other contemporary Christian teachers discover what the Bible means for us today.


The dominant, literal, modern approach to scripture minimizes the experience of a vastly rich text. An impoverished literality of much of modern Christianity detracts from the bountiful beauty, and magnificent mystery of the depth of metaphysical exploration. Metaphysical bible study emboldens and empowers you, all the while igniting your desire to renew, rededicate, and resurrect your life through the Way exemplified by Jesus. 


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Meeting ID: 816 3878 3774

Passcode: METABible