One Light, Many Rainbows | Tuesdays 6:30pm HST

One Light, Many Rainbows: The Illumined Teachings of the World’s Religions CLICK HERE to join Zoom Meeting

Tuesdays, 6:30 – 8:00 pm on Zoom

May 17 – August 2, 2022

The human condition is such that many of us fall easily into the egoic trap of believing that our culture, our religion - our spiritual path of awakening - is the best and perhaps even the only path. Yet the great spiritual scriptures of the world tell us otherwise. In fact, they insist that Divine Identity may be fully realized through devotion to any number of traditional or nontraditional paths. We can only pause in wonder and awe at the many ways the Divine unfolds in our lives.

The courageous truth finder, then, might consider exploring the great mystery of the Divine in diverse manifestations, continually opening to greater and greater truths. An effective way to accomplish this is through the concentrated study of the world religions’ most illumined teachings. Such an intensive undertaking offers the sincere seeker a stunning gift: an opportunity for unimpeded, accelerated spiritual growth. And what dedicated seeker could possibly turn down an offer to take such a magnificent stride forward?

You are joyfully extended such an offer through summer immersion classes into the transformative teachings of the World’s Religions, each one highlighted in convenient two-week modules. Holding a spotlight on Unity teachings, you will be guided on an odyssey of enlightenment through the comparative study of select religions’ history, scripture, principle, story and experiential learning practices. Spirituals gems will be collected from the world’s most radiant paths, including Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Taoism. Engaging in fun, interactive learning activities as well as meditative, self-reflective practices, participants will refine their understanding of the many facets of truth. The result of embracing the world’s truths so wholeheartedly will be greater clarity regarding the spiritual direction of one’s calling – and the faith to follow its guidance.

All faith practitioners, all expressions of the Divine Presence, are encouraged to attend. Participants should feel free to attend one, several, or all two-modules, joining those modules which most resonate with them.  Specific schedule of study will be emailed to interested participants. Please email Su Choy at to be placed on course mailing list for zoom link and updated schedule.

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