New Year’s Eve Burning Bowl & Visioning Ceremony

Sunday Celebration Service - December 31, 10:00am

46-005 Kawa Street, Suite 303
Kaneohe Atrium Building
Kaneohe, HI 96744

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New Year’s Burning Bowl & Visioning Ceremony and
ALOHA SUNDAY:  He wahī pa’akai — a package of salt
With Reverend Geo Downer, December 31, 2017


Join us Sunday for a time of Release and Renewal, December 31st at 10:00 am in the Sanctuary with Reverend Geo. The Burning Bowl Ceremony is Unity’s unique way of releasing old, worn-out thoughts, feelings, events, or ideas. Burn away limitation or fear and begin the New Year with a pure new vision of what and who you’d like to be. In this ceremony we’ll set alight any resentment, fear, bumps, bruises, anger, or hurt. As we are enlightened with fresh new eyes to see the here and now, we’ll embrace a new vision of the year to come. We’ll have the opportunity to write down what we desire to release, and then place it into the fire. Burning the paper is a symbolic act of letting go in order to envision and create positive intentions in our lives.
ALOHA SUNDAY Special Guest Musical Artist
This Sunday we're deeply blessed by the ethereal voice of Hawaii native son, Ryan Souza! Ryan is a Voice Coach, Reverend, Kahu, and Entertainer. He studied music/opera at University of Hawaii, and is a committed artist, singer, teacher, and minister!