Living Untethered Book Experience with Reverend Cynthia Leveque

Living Untethered Book Experience

with Reverend Cynthia Leveque  

LIVING UNTETHERED by Michael Singer is a clearly written instruction book for us; all of us know we are unique expressions of the universe and do not always feel as if that is true. Michael loves us along our path with a beautiful explanation of who and what we are in the extraordinary universe. Reading this book, you’ll feel the company of a loving uncle telling you what he has learned, offering a gift of personal guidance. You’ll feel understood; you’ll have the thought that you can live this full life of joy with help along the way.

Join us as we begin this book together, reading and sharing our involvement with the material, using the practices Michael Singer teaches, and supporting each other with our bright hearts.

This is not about sitting in a room and listening. Let’s come together in intention and invitation to actively use Michael Singer’s practices and teachings of non-duality. We’ll try it out in a safe, loving setting.

The format includes reading together, taking it personally while trying it out. We'll share about what it was like, with a variety of ways to meditate.

After Michael takes us through his understanding of what we are here for and why, he tells us how to get from a to z or as I like to say, from abject misery to zesty enjoyment of the goodness of life. He tells us how to release the blocks that are impeding our energy of aliveness.  

A group of people with bright intentions create energy of joy and love and aliveness. We make a brighter path, a clearer way and we have wholly, holy fun. And we get to practice the things we are learning about how to live untethered.  

Meeting in person and including zoom options, let us commit to each other for ten weeks to getting wet in the River of Joy.