Classical Yoga with Su Choy

Fridays, Noon

in the Sanctuary at Unity Windward

For thousands of years, the practices of Classical Yoga have proven to purify the multidimensional mind/body, leading to expanded awareness and a more fulfilling life. Contrary to a more Western fitness-oriented yoga, whose principal focus is the physical or the densest body (kosha), this ancient yoga as delineated in the Upanishad II,  also focuses on  the subtle bodies. These less dense koshas or vital sheaths are composed of prana, thought, spiritual light or wisdom, and bliss. It is only when the individual passes beyond all five bodies that the True Selfless Self is realized. Such a practice requires commitment to the yogic lifestyle, whose philosophy and principles will also be discussed as the Classical Yoga class progresses.

So it might be said, then, that realizing and reclaiming our true identity is the goal of Classical Yoga. And it is one we must commit to practicing together. Through the ancient yogic tools of pranayama (breathing techniques), posture, bandha (body locks) and mantra, we become free of the body, energy, sensation, thought and emotion, and begin to experience ourselves as pure Divine consciousness, formless and timeless. Ultimately, Classical Yoga teaches us that we are clearly not the body. Once that is grasped, we enjoy healing, joy, and vitality beyond cause and effect.

Su Choy is a registered 500-hour graduate of the Kripalu/Pranakriya School of Yogic Healing Arts and has been teaching for over 18 years. In addition to offering group and private classes in Classical Yoga, she is also certified in Qi Gong and Gong Yoga and enjoys bringing elements of those practices to yoga for a unique healing experience.