Teachings of Mastery by Paul Selig

Paul Selig authored and channeled three previous books: I Am the Word, The Book of Love and Creation, and The Book of Knowing and Worth. These books, filled and overflowing with depth, intimacy, and psychological insight, have won a growing following around the world. 
Now, new at Unity Windward, the newer trilogy known as the “Teachings of Mastery” will be considered, studied, pondered and experienced. The first book of the trilogy is The Book of Mastery, which provides a deeply practical prescription for heightening abilities, aptitudes, and sense of personal excellence. The Guides’ teachings go further in instructing how to improve life for you, others, and global humanity. 
This widely anticipated first book from the Mastery Trilogy guides and shares an unprecedented journey into the ethers and the void of infinite possibilities.
Event Date: 
1:00pm to 2:30pm