Sunday Celebration Service

Sunday Celebration Service - Sept 15

10:00am in the Sanctuary

46-005 Kawa Street, Suite 303
Kaneohe Atrium Building
Kaneohe, HI 96744
808 262-6731 / 

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Spiritual Message with Rev. Geo Downer
Love and Non-resistance
It’s been said by some that our world, these days, is embroiled in polarity, duality and opposition. Although it may appear that way, there is always an awakening to oneness available in every situation. Unity minister and author, Eric Butterworth once wrote, “There is always a cosmos within every chaos. There is always enough love to go around, even within the persons involved in bitter disputes.” Although it may appear that the world is in disagreement or disarray, transformational work takes place within me. I am always in a place to see things anew. I am constantly in a position to see from a new perspective. Healing and wholeness takes place within each of us. Join us this Sunday as we discover principles of Love and Non-Resistance.


Event Date: 
10:00am to 11:15am